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Tony P Production Webinars

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You bring the content,

we bring the crowd

The Tony P Team has been producing powerful, fun and successful events for over 5 years, and when the Pandemic hit, we seamlessly made the transition to virtual. We're ready to share our lessons, successes and strategies with you. 


We making webinars easy... for you

​The Tony P Team will hold your hand through every part of the process. From beginning to end, you now have a partner and resource to ensure your success. 

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Meet your business goals. 

  • Webinar, pannel discussion, thought leadership, and more, we will build the right event for you. 

  • During our strategy session will craft an event, audience, and message.

  • Develop a run of show for a smooth event


Stop worrying about the tech, and focus on your message. 

  • You don't even need to have a Zoom account! Use ours to get all the bells and whistles with no added cost. 

  • We'll set up your Eventbrite page to drive registration

  • Produce marketing materials, flyers and social media for proper promotion.

  • On the day of, we'll be right by your side to record and produce the webinar. 



No audience, no problem!​

  • We will create a valuable targeted list full of prospects you want to connect with, 

  • An email marketing automation camping will be used to warm up and register guests. 

  • It's yours to keep! Use the targeted list to connect and engage with after the event. The hard work of warming them up has already been done! 

Webinar production investment starting at $1,499

  • How long does it take to prodcue a webinar?
    We like to start 6 weeks before the event to ensure that we can pack the house with the right people and that no one is scrambling. Let's get the ball rolling NOW and avoid unneeded stress.
  • What results can I expect?
    Like all marketing efforts, results are not guaranteed, but typical clients will have about 50 guests at their event. Following up and closing and them is up to you!
  • Who provides the topic and speakers?
    You are responsible for the talent and topic, but we're here to help! During our strategy session, we will craft the messaging and positioning. If you are looking for others to share the stage with, we can make connections to some of our favorite presenters.
  • How many people will you reach out to?
    We want your event to be a success, so we reach out to about 10,000 prospects to make sure that we find those that are not only your target audience, but want to be at your event.
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