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Tony P Business Partners

Our Tony P Community is chock full of incredible talent, valuable services and growth opportunities. If you're looking for a resource take a peek at our preferred partners. They have been vetted and trusted to deliver results. 

AppointmentsIQ is an on-demand sales team, specializing in Appointment Setting, Lead Generation, Sales Coaching and Training, Sales Recruiting and Everything Networking Events. Simply put, we work with companies to fill their pipeline, train their sales team, recruit new team members and provide all the networking opportunities to make it happen.

Leadership isn’t something that you can learn in a weekend or at a conference. This is something that is going to take effort and reflection, and will challenge you at every level. E Leader Experiences will take you on a journey to develop the skills needed and insights gained so you too can show up as a leader for others and for yourself. Our programs cater to and developed specifically for:

🙋 The Emerging Leaders: You’re dabbling with leadership and need to develop yourself for a better career and to be the best for your team.

🤷 The Entrepreneurial Leader: With everything on the line every day, leadership can get lost when you are wearing so many hats. You need to strengthen this muscle to grow yourself and your business

👨‍💼👩‍💼 The Executive Leader: When you’re at the top, the stakes are even higher. Your leadership defines the company positively or negatively. 

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Effectively achieve your communications needs. With Rob's background in communications strategy, journalism, media, and political engagement, he is a communications expert who reacts and guides proactively and decisively against the backdrop of any context, especially now during these uncertain times, helping you with internal and external communications needs, PR, media and message strategy, branding and marketing, virtual presentation training, crisis management, virtual shareholder and town hall meetings, and virtual charity event production and hosting.

Core areas of expertise: 

Strategic Communications| Board Advisory Services | Covid 19 Communications | Advocacy and Promotion | Marketing and Branding | Charitable Organizations | Remote Presentation Training | Crisis Management | Public Relations | Coaching and Mentoring


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Are you looking for a new position?

How about a sales presentation for your services or skills that you need to prepare for?


Or maybe you're looking to develop and create an indelible, positive impression?


Benefit from DonO's extensive experience with a 1-hour strategic branding session. You will learn how to present better, stronger, impressions and avoid the most common (human) pitfalls.

Get the help you need with branding needs and more importantly, self-branding usage strategies. 


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The Corporate Breakup, LLC is a coaching company that focuses on the steps, the tools and the mindset it takes to transition into a new entrepreneur. 

  •  "Steal Your Skills from Corporate"- Business

  •  Learn what business plan means

  •  Gather the Components of a "solid" business plan

  •  Let's talk about Grants

  •  Turn the Business Plan into a $1Million Grant

  •  Types of Grants

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