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Tony Paolella, aka Tony P, has lived and breathed the Chicago networking scene for over 15 years. After building trusted relationships with Chicago’s top business leaders, Tony knew it was important to expand the channels of communication. With that in mind, he has created Tony P’s Networking Events Calendar Newsletter, Tony P’s Networking Events Calendar Facebook Group, and now….

Tony P’s Networking Membership

Your Tony P Founder's Membership includes: 

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  • 25% off in-person event tickets

  • Added to the Tony P's professional membership directory

  • Exclusive invites to private members-only networking events

  • Access to thought leaders and panel discussions

  • Special offers from trusted Tony P Service providers

  • Early registration for Tony P virtual and in-person events

  • Access to the private Tony P Facebook group

  • Monthly member’s only raffles and prizes

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Tony P’s Networking Membership

The goal of this community is to bring together Chicago’s upwardly mobile professional community for an elegant and energetic networking experience. If you are interested in optimizing the time you spend networking and building meaningful business relationships, then this community is tailor-made for you.

Memberships Now Available

Join our community to get exclusive offers, access to special events, and connect with an un-paralleled community. Choose between a monthly or annual membership.

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Meet Our Founding Members

With over 5 years of hosting networking events and over 20 years of pounding the pavement, we're rubbing shoulders with the right people.

Build Your Network and Business
With Tony P's Networking Membership


Special offers, promotions and discounts


Get access to over 48 events per year





Preferred Business Partners

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